Concept for event tracking across multiple uses

The issue

A major state trade association, the California Association of Realtors, hosts an event in the state capitol each year to highlight its successful efforts in advocacy on behalf of more than 150,000 licensed professionals throughout the state. With 2,000-3,000 people attend the event, seating in the large plenary session gets complicated quickly. While the state association hosts the event, several dozen unaffiliated local associations send their members and all must be seated in a timely fashion – and in the best seats in the house.

The solution

A concept solution is proposed where the leadership of each local association can registered their attending members. Security is provided such that only the staff and leadership of local associations can actually register attendees and no one else. Because seating is handled on a first-come/first-serve basis, it is important to track the order in which attendees are registered. Furthermore, those who are registered after a stated deadline  may not obtain the seating desired for the main event.

The details

A simple registration system was written in basic HTML built on top of Jekyll, a Ruby-based static site builder. Form entry is fully responsive, styled with Bootstrap and built on top of jQuery, which enables ongoing data entry and does not face constraints from the (unknowable) number of attendees to be registered.

The most recent version of this concept is hosted on GitHub and represents the front-end portion of the solution only. Back-end functionality is being develop with a straightforward PHP logic including standard data security and sanitization.

David Kissinger consults with companies, trade associations, non-profits and entrepreneurs on external affairs, public relations, marketing, advocacy, IT strategy, web development and content.

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