Beta release of new smartphone app to get your inspiration on

How the motivational app looks on your phone

The book publishing space for inspirational and motivational content has enjoyed a niche-y but loyal audience for many years. This is shown by many decades of motivational books going as far back as Dale Carnegie in 1937 and continuing with my own experience doing publicity on titles by Zig Ziglar and others.

Much like the rest of the publishing world, motivational authors are having to evolve with the web’s new ways of distributing content in order to reach new audiences hungry for such time-tested material.

The Author

Because this is an early beta release, I will add more details about the author, title and content to this post as we get closer to launch. An author wrote a book of motivational verses some years ago an approached us with an interest in making a smart phone app. In early discussions of this product we focused a great deal on the author’s own brand, the potential audience and the message that this audience would resonate with the most.

The Content and the Branding

Modeling the motivational smartphone app during development

Get inspired on the go

The content on the app will be  motivational text combined with rich imagery and stylized typography. We built a comprehensive color scheme and are using photos and images from the stock photo library if Charla Blue Photography. Because the author has received a great amount of positive feedback and personal stories from readers, the app will include opportunities for readers to interact in much the same with.

When the app goes into release it will be for sale on iTunes and Google Play at a competitive price point. Following the launch, a marketing program will begin in order to reach and motivate (“motivate”, get it?) the audience to engage with the app. With so many thousands of apps entering the marketplace every year, app publishers cannot depend on the magic of iTunes or Google Play to drive purchasers for them. In fact, it’s a lot like book publishing has been for several decades.

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